Grand Opening of the World Outgames

The Grand opening show of World Outgames at RÅDHUSPLADSEN (Town Hall)
25. July 2009 at 21:30

The Grand opening show at the town square includes a 50 m long catwalk and a 100 m2 big, audio-visual show with elements of nycirkus, ballroom dance show, music and celebration, both about love and the harsh reality. Annisette, Jeppe (junior/senior), DJ Djuna Barnes, Fagget Fairy, Anders Astrup is among the artists in charge of entertainment.
The opening ceremony for World Outgames marks the start of a week’s program:
 Human Rights Conference in Dr’s concerthall
 5000 athletes from 97 countries competing against each other in different disciplines.
 A week of culture and arts program at the Copenhagen seats.

In Denmark and in the rest of the world hate crimes is escalating, people are being killed, tortured and murdered.
In 1/3 of the world’s countries, it is an offense to be bi or gay, in 7 countries there is deathpenalty!
The whole opening ceremony will be a manifestation of love in which we celebrate and insist upon the right to be our selves.
LGBT community is one of many minorities who insist on the right to poke outside the norm, the right to be them selves, right to be ME.
We take the first step, flowing out of the side streets into the heart of Copenhagen. Come and join!

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