I teach in video production and PR for people working with communication.

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Many companies want to be able to make smaller productions themselves. And because of the technological advances in mobile phones, action cameras and DSLR cameras, the potential for creating a professional video production has never been better. However, the learning curve may seem rather steep, and there is much to learn – both in terms of equipment, editing, light, sound and more.

It is therefore my experience that 1 on 1 training is the most effective form of teaching in relation to master making videos.


Consultancy and video production in one package

Course form: 1 on 1 training.

Number of participants: From 1-12.

Duration: Individual.

Location: At your place. I come to you and train you or your employees from scratch so that he / she can in future produce smaller films for your company or organization. The recordings can, for example, take place on mobile phones, DSLR / mirrorless cameras or smaller camcorders.

Price: My hourly rate for combined teaching of video production including consultancy assistance is DKK 1,000, – excl. VAT and the final price of the course depends on the amount of teaching tailored to the individual’s needs as desired.


The teaching of video production consists of a mixture of theory and practice. I attach great importance to the students having to start producing films right from the start. On a regular basis, I fill in with theory and come up with good advice and guidance.

I think it is important that there should be plenty of time to go into depth with the exercises and plenty of time to ask questions. And should questions arise during the weeks afterwards, then please contact me.

I advise on everything from purchasing equipment, editing programs, lighting setup, good sound quality, microphone technology, subtitling, color grading, animations, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn, SEO and clothing selection.


We produce the first film together, so you get a lot of hands-on experience, and I’m there from start to finish.

It is my experience that two full working days are needed – possibly followed by half a working day of refreshment a month later. But then you are also well-dressed to be able to handle smaller video productions even on a daily basis.


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